Project: The MAC – The Metropolitan Arts Centre
Client: OMAC
Value: £3,400,000.00
Service: Electrical & Mechanical

AEM’S Contribution:

Constructed in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast, the ‘MAC’ includes two performance spaces (350 seat and 120 seat respectively), three major visual art galleries, a dance studio, education rooms, workshop and rehearsal spaces, offices for resident arts groups as well as a resident artist, café and bar.

AEM engaged in the design of a rising busbar system to improve on the design team’s sub-mains distribution proposal. Our proposed ‘POWERBAR’ system, complimented with a full range of accessories, enhanced functionality, reduced install time, scalability and improved joint quality.

Subsequent to the agreement of the services installation, AEM in conjunction with the design team and specialist supplier, produced load demand calculations which enabled the reduction of the Generator Specification from 400KVa to 170KVa, which resulted in faster installation and commissioning, direct cost savings in excess of £12k, and additional indirect costs associated with operation and maintenance.

AEM developed the design for internal lighting, and through the definition of the output specification and a schedule of golden samples, drawing production, a standardised approach resulted in efficiency gains due to a dedicated workforce consistently repeating a familiar installation process on hundreds of light fittings, whilst achieving the LUX levels and preferred aesthetic qualities for the Client, with longer product life cycles, and all at a reduced cost.