AEM Ltd from conception has built its reputation upon commitment to a variety of Clients and with a reputation for providing professional and managed building solutions through proven experience and expertise.

Our strength is in partnerships through preferred contractor arrangements and supply chain agreements.  Our continual involvement with most of the country’s largest Private & Public development teams gives credit to our extensive knowledge through any given discipline and proves our ability to deliver on line and within budget.

AEM Ltd’s strength is evident through relationships with our partnering teams providing dedication, commitment and a high standard of workmanship.  Some of these projects and partnering arrangements can be detailed as follows with their respective building service costs.

Facilities Management


Whilst designing installing and commissioning your electrical and mechanical building services installation we also take pleasure in assuring all existing and new customers our commitment to providing a stress free experience in management of all our electrical and mechanical systems.

Our aim is to provide our Clients with a tailored management solution that meets their needs in respect of their daily business requirements.  Our maintenance teams are there as and when required which can draw upon a pool of over 200 professionally trained and qualified engineers to ensure that any job or problem is resolved at anytime anyplace.

Our maintenance serviced includes:
• Pre-planned maintenance schedules
• Cost planned preventative maintenance tasking and surveying
• Electrical and Mechanical surveying
• N.I.C.E.I.C inspections and certification
• GasSafe inspections and certification
• Portable appliance testing

Design And Build

env-2Antrim Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Ltd takes pride in being one of Irelands leading Buildings Services Engineering Company.

We undertake to provide our Clients and Partners alike a service which goes beyond the anticipated norm of Design & Build of mechanical and elctrical engineering projects.  From the initial concept we undertake to provide the design, installation, commissioning & cyclic maintenance of all aspects of the Building Services incorporating the various electrical and mechanical installations.

Within this area it is our sole aim to provide each specific project with it own unique and tailored installation to each client requirement.  In undertaking this, satisfaction is afforded to the Client through means of Fully Guaranteed and Collateral Warranties that is offered upon all Design Build Projects.

That standard that are set within our Design & Build Projects means that we draw upon our extensive base of resources whether it is in house Auto-Cad Technicians utilising the latest in Design Technologies or the wealth of experience from one of the Project Managers.

The end result in every case is that Antrim Electrical & Mechanical Engineers delivers a cost effective design that shall save the Client time and money.

Mechanical Engineering


Through our continual expansion we are defined by our ability to bring the many different aspects of the Mechanical Engineering Services under the one roof.  The effect of offering such solutions brings many rewards to both our clients and end users.

The integration of the latest technological advances within the industry combined with our dedicated management team ensures that we are continually striving to be at the forefront of the Building Services Industry.

Our dedicated team of Managers and Engineers with their wealth of experience draws from a broad range of services that range from Residential & Commercial Buildings, Educational, Retail and Large scale Private and Public Sector Installations.

We at Antrim Electrical & Mechanical Ltd can provide our clients with the following Mechanical Engineering Services:

• Professional Technical Designs with full warranted indemnities
• Planned Preventative Maintenance Solutions
• Design and Calculations
• LPHW & MPHW Heating Systems
• Mechanical Ventilation
• Heat Recovery Systems
• Chilled Water Systems
• Energy Management Systems
• Fire Protection & Sprinkler Systems
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Compressed Air Systems
• Indoor Swimming Pool Installations
• Specialised Pumping Systems
• Petro-chemical Installations
• Hot & Cold Water Plumbing Systems
• Sanitary Ware Installations
• Soils & Wastes Installations
• Natural Gas Installations
• LPG Gas Installations
• Rainwater Harvesting Systems
• 24hr Reactive Help Desk and Response Unit
• Testing and Specialist Testing

Our Expertise

Due to the demands placed upon modern day building services contracts, AEM Ltd are persistent in providing project solutions in construction through excellence in design, installation and completion.

Our commitment to projects no matter what scope in construction terms can only be judged through the standards and performance of our experienced management team.
We pride ourselves upon meeting targets and deadlines as defined by you our Clients.

AEM Ltd is constantly striving to find new ways to remain at the forefront in terms of the latest engineering designs.  With this in mind we are committed to servicing our Private & Public sector Clients throughout in assisting them to meet the latest environmental and financial commitments.

Electrical Engineering

At Antrim Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Ltd we believe that being able to provide excellent performance sterns from a base of careful planning, consideration to Client requirements and the ability to deliver upon these needs.  Combined with the acquired skills of our in house construction and partnering design teams we have continually demonstrated our ability to undertake a varied and wide range of projects through several sectors whether it be Private residential schemes, Shopping Centre & Mall Refurbishments, Health Care institutes, Educational & Resource Facilities, Large Industrial/Commercial & Retail Developments, Call Centres and Historical monument restorations.

AEM Ltd ensures that professionalism is at the core of every aspect of our service, thus ensuring that each client’s requirements will excide their expectations.


• Professional Technical Designs with Full Warranted Indemnities
• Planned Preventive Maintenance Solutions
• Circuit Design and Calculations
• HV/LV Switching and Cabling Installations
• Mains & Sub-mains Distribution
• General Power Distribution
• Generator Installations
• Wind Turbine Installations
• Integrated UPS Solutions
• Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
• Sports & Recreational Lighting Systems
• Airfield Lighting Systems
• Heli-pad Installations
• General Lighting Installations
• Emergency Lighting Installations
• Intelligent Lighting Control Systems
• Building Management Control Systems
• Data & Full Communications Systems Solutions
• Fibre Optic Systems and Installations
• CCTV Installations
• PA & Voice Evacuation Systems
• Access Control Systems
• 24hr Reactive Help Desk and Response Unit
• Testing and Specialist Testing Commissioning
• Lift Installations
• Lightning Protecting Systems